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Warning for language, a gross cyst pop, and general hysterics.

I’ve got to say, this is one of the funniest cyst videos I’ve ever seen.

One guy pop’s his brother’s cyst, and it’s a virtual explosion. But the laughing, retching, and general discussion could be made into a comedy show.

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Of course, the one doing the cutting uses a razor blade, and the one being cut clearly had his favorite adult beverage, and he shows the bottle and is surrounded by beer cans.

Patient: “We gonna git it.”

Brother: “I don’t think the biggest pimple in the world is gonna have s**t on this

Patient: Git it, git it!”

Brother: “Oh God. Oh %!@% man. Let me get this s**t off  my face. It’s all over the computer, man. Man this s**t exploded everywhere!”

It sure did.