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The Moore High School teacher who allegedly gave a 17-year-old student oral sex in February, is set to appear in court next week.

Police say Sandra Mayfield, 51, took the student to several different locations before settling in a park.

“They met at a business here in Moore, drove around in Oklahoma City, made a few stops, ended up late that night at a park here in Moore, Buck Thomas Park, where she performed oral sex on the 17-year-old” said Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis.

The school released a statement on the matter in February, placing Mayfield on administrative leave until the legal process works itself out.

‘Moore Public Schools places the safety and welfare of its students ahead of any other interests, and will continue to take necessary steps to safeguard their emotional, physical, and educational well-being.

‘Information was received of possible improper behavior on Friday, March 4, 2016. The teacher was suspended immediately and placed on administrative leave. Law enforcement was also immediately contacted by the District.

‘The charges filed this afternoon against our employee are shocking and upsetting and are not representative of the hundreds of other teachers who work hard every day to provide a safe and quality education for the students in the Moore Public School District.

‘As always, we will continue to cooperate with the police department and District Attorney’s office. We are thankful for their diligent work in this matter and have full confidence in the legal process.

‘At this time, being consistent with any incident such as this, the employee remains on administrative leave while the case works its way through the court process.’

Mayfield is set to appear in court July 28. She faces one count of forcible sodomy.