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YouTuber Joerg Sprave is pretty much a pro when it comes to inventing and crafting weapons. But he may have even pleasantly surprised himself when he engineered a fully automatic crossbow.

Let’s just say the weapon’s test definitely didn’t disappoint, as Sprave showed off just what his crossbow could do from close up as well as long distance. I have to admit though, seeing this guy getting so pumped about weapons has the potential to be just a little bit worrisome. Then again, after hearing that jolly laugh of his, it’s clear that he’d probably only go as far as to test his weapons out on the targets behind his shed.

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Sprave has been showing off his weapon’s inventions on YouTube for about four years now, crafting everything from a firecracker gun to a bowling ball launcher to a coke bottle gatling gun. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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