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Since 2010, Ameer Atari has been part of the “Epic Meal Time” team, a group of renown food adventurers responsible for crafting some of the craziest culinary creations of all time like the Cheesy Dorito Crumb Cake and the General Tao Turkey.

For a spin-off segment called “Handle It,” Atari broke out the pots, pans and cooking supplies to make a deep-fried chicken pizza, and after laying eyes on the finished product, we don’t think we can ever go back to plain old, boring regular pizza again. Take notes, KFC.

After whipping up his deep fried chicken crust, Atari makes homemade chicken gravy that he lathers on the poultry-based paradise before layering it with jalapeños and bacon, topping that with cheese, and then throwing more jalapeños on top of that.

The result? Deep-fried heaven that we want nothing more than to shove right into our mouth holes.

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