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ALAMOGORDO, NM — A 45-year-old man who printed off  photos of naked underage girls at a self-serve kiosk at Walmart has pled no contest to the charges.

Anthony Leitch, 45, was arrested after a Walmart employee caught him processing the pornographic images, according to the Alamogordo News. The employee says Leitch entered his name as Tony Smith at the kiosk before inserting an SD card into the machine. He processed seven photos, which accidentally printed at the store’s photo counter.

The police report states that four of the seven photos included naked girls between the ages of 8 and 12. The photos were believed to have been taken in the local area.

Video surveillance footage helped police track down Leitch, who fled the store after the images printed at the counter. He was arrested at a traffic stop.

Leitch admitted only to taking the photos that featured a girl who was clothed.

Investigators conducted a search of Leitch’s home and recovered property that will be forensically examined.

“We don’t know if he did or not,” Detective Lt. Roger Schoolcraft said told Alamogordo News. “We did a search of his residence and recovered some property, and we’re going to find out if that’s it or not. We’re going to have it forensically examined, so that’ll take a little while. We received pieces of electronic equipment and will see what’s in there.”

Leitch was originally charged with one count of tampering with evidence and one count of sexual exploitation of children under 18 years of age – distribution of visual medium. The tampering with evidence charge was dismissed, and the non content plea was accepted in the sexual exploitation charge.

While New Mexico court records note that the disposition of the case was a “conviction,” they don’t provide any more detail.

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