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Warning: Harsh language

I’m not so sure having a crowd around while you’re having a cyst squeezed out of a hole in your back is kosher, but hey, if no one is afraid of it ending up in their drink, go for it.

What’s amazing is that this thing keeps coming. There is almost no give or break in the pus that oozes out. How the person didn’t puke everywhere is beyond me. I don’t care if they’re a professional cyst remover (imagine putting that on your resume).

The fact that this cyst was there for 30 years — as the video claims — is mind boggling. What made this guy get it removed this year? Were the prior 29 years not good enough? Is 30 years a special mark for cysts?

We’re just glad he didn’t let it reach 40. Then it’d have to start considering a retirement plan.