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A man named Rod may very well have given the best Family Feud answer of all time in this classic episode. Too bad it was too true to actually show up on the big board word for word.

The contestants were asked “Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house” and Rod immediately and confidently replied “naked grandma.”

Absolutely and unquestionably true.

Rod’s opponent agreed 100 percent.


“I don’t want to see that either,” he said, completely unfazed by Rod’s answer.

Steve Harvey also agreed that the answer was too true.

“I know you’re right. No one wants to see a naked grandma, but what are the chances of breaking into a house and running up into your grandmama naked?” Harvey asked.

“Naked grandma” did not show up on the board word for word, but somehow Rod still got some serious leeway when “gun/occupant” appeared.

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