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Mohammed Abad’s life has taken some strange turns. When he was a boy, his penis was severed in an accident, and he recently got it replaced by a £70,000 ($88,000) bionic replica. And now the 44-year-old supermarket manager might have a future as an adult actor.

The pornography company Bang Bros has stated that they’re very interested in Abad and his member becoming a member of their organization. A spokesperson for the company told the Daily Star that “his package is unique. It could be a $10,000 deal, $25,000 deal or it could be a million dollar deal with the right talent.”

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Abad lost his virginity after the surgery to celebrity English sex worker after she waived her fee to pleasure him. He declined to comment on the story, but an NBC study found that adult actors typically make between $500-$1,500 per film (on a sidenote: the writers bring in $250-$400). In another interview with the Daily Star, Abad said that he’s looking forward to meeting a sex robot.