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John Ganobick is going to go to prison for a long time if the serious charges raised against him stand up in court.

As things stand, that appears to be likely.

Ganobick spotted a woman walking through a mall in Louisville, Ky.  and started stalking her, but what he didn’t know was that his victim was armed and dangerous.

According to ABC7, Ganobick could be seen on surveillance camera stalking his victim. At one point, he entered the same elevator, which was headed to a parking lot.

The video cuts out after the two exit, but police say that when the woman tried to get into her car Ganobick pulled out a knife and put his hand over her mouth.

She resisted and pulled a gun out of her purse. She then shot Ganobick in the neck.


Ganobick ran away and was seen bleeding by a bystander who called 911.

The attacker’s mugshot says it all.

Louisville Metro Corrections
Louisville Metro Corrections

Ganobick’s victim sustained injuries during the parking lot struggle, but is expected to be fine.

Meanwhile, Ganobick has been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and criminal mischief.

Have fun in prison.

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