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A county judge in Texas is rising to his call of duty by giving American soldiers something he says they don’t often get; a second chance.

“They just need a little bit of help that has not been offered to them before.” Roach said via WFFA8.

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Every Friday Collin County Judge John Roach travels hundreds of miles to five different counties to reside over Veteran court, WFFA8 reports. He shows up for veterans much in the same way they showed up for their fellow Americans.

“Jail is just not the right place for them, they served honorably for our country, they have gone to the meanest nastiest places in the world to defend our freedom, we owe them at least to give them a chance to get their life together,” Roach told WFF8 ABC.

Although “Veteran’s Court” isn’t anything new, Judge Roach’s approach is. Once a soldier himself in the Marine Corps, he said he believes he has a responsibility to support his “brothers.”

The judge is “rock bottom” for most of the soldiers he sees. He tries to make it a new beginning for them instead of a bad ending.

After completing Judge Roach’s program the veterans will leave with a clean record and hopefully a feeling that they are not alone and won’t be forsaken for making mistakes.

There’s one  judge in Texas protecting their freedom, as they protected ours.