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Attention, passengers: please make yourselves comfortable, because we’re about to take a long and pleasant ride through social media paradise, courtesy of three of the most gorgeous flight attendants you’ve ever seen.

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As their day jobs, Victoria Tsuranova, Georgia Nielsen and Patricia Rainam actually work as flight attendants for Aeroflot, Emirates and Norwegian Airlines, respectively, but it’s their Instagram accounts that have been getting everyone’s attention recently.

We’re not usually in the habit of flying with any of these airlines, but we may have to book an international flight, just to see if we get the luck of the draw.

Or we could always just go to the beach. These ladies seem to be big fans.


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LAUGH Enjoy LIVE #✌🏻️ #beachlife #summer2016☀️ #cabincrew

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Los baños de la reina… #campello #alicante #summer2016☀️ #beachlife #cabincrew

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