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Three Marine veterans attacked a man they believe was having an affair with one of their wives—beating him so severely, his kidneys failed.

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Norman Early III had known Diana Reyes for several years prior to the night of September 2015, when he contacted who he thought was Reyes, via Snapchat, stating he was nearby. When he arrived to her home, he was confronted by Reyes’ husband and two of his Marine Corps friends.

The three Marines wore Jason Voorhees-style hockey masks as they beat Early to the ground, according to court documents via theWashington Post.


Early later told police the men zip-tied his wrists as they continually beat him, holding him captive for 30 minutes and asking him repeatedly if he “knew she was married.”

“I knew what my fate was,” Early told the court, according to the Bakersfield Californian per Washington Post. “I was going to be murdered.”

After beating Early, the three men took his cellphone and wallet and let him go, following him in their vehicle to the freeway entrance.

Early sustained an orbital fracture and bruising and swelling of the eye, authorities said. He also had numerous contusions to his head and body, they added.

The three Marines, Lance Cpl. Sergio Medina (the husband), Lance Cpl. Rodrigo Sanchez and Lance Cpl. Leonardo Ortiz, were initially charged with several felonies including kidnapping, attempted murder and torture, but in the end, lawyers accepted a plea for first-degree robbery.

Medina was sentenced to six years in prison while Sanchez and Ortiz were both sentenced to three years.

According to the Washington Post, all three men have been discharged from the Marine Corps.

[h/t Washington Post]