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When this Houston cashier saw his co-worker get attacked outside his store by three guys, he wasn’t about to just call the police.

Local 2 News reported Mayura Dissanayake saw his co-worker, who just returned from the bank with change for the store, getting beat up and robbed outside. That’s when Dissanayake, a MMA champion in his native country Sri Lanka, went into action.

Gas station clerk Mayura Dissanayake photo: Local 2 News YouTube screenshot
Mayura Dissanayake photo: Local 2 News YouTube screenshot

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He kicks the first guy he sees in the face then moves on to two more, punching and wailing on them continuously. Another coworker comes to his aid, although it doesn’t appear he needs much help.

When the robbers try to run away, Dissanayake throws a shoe at one of them and chases after the group. He gets a hold of one as the rest take off in a white SUV, leaving the guy behind.

Two of them got away but police arrested the man left behind and believe he is connected with several other crimes in the area, according to Local 2 News.