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Over in the United Kingdom, they’re decking the halls with fifths of whiskey as a recent study conducted by the charity Alcohol Concern (guess what they’re concerned about?) found that one in five UK adults think it’s acceptable for kids under 12 to drink alcohol during Christmas.

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For all you statisticians out there, here’s what else the study found:

  • 25% of adults have been drunk in front of their child and/or a family member or friend’s child during the Christmas period, while 17% have done this in front of a child under the age of 12.
  • 50% of adults think it’s acceptable to give a child alcohol under the age of 15.
  • 9% believe it’s acceptable for a child aged 10 or under to drink alcohol at Christmas.

While Christmas is no doubt a stressful time and it’s certainly tempting to put just a tiny bit of Jack in the egg nog at the kids’ table to calm everyone down, imagine the pandemonium that could go down if you let your 12-year-old into the world of alcohol. One minute you’re sharing a Heineken with the kid, and the next they’re projectile vomiting all over your cats, who for some reason you decided to dress up in tiny elf costumes.

That being said, regulation is key, and some households are able to responsibly introduce their under-21 children to alcohol (although 12 might be a little too young).

Would you let your kid imbibe during the holidays?

(h/t ITV)

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