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Love them or hate them, the New England Patriots’ unforgettable comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons will go down as one of the most epic football games in recent memory. Every sports fan loves a good come-from-behind story, and Hollywood has capitalized on that with classic sports film after classic sports film. But it looks like the story of Tom Brady and the Patriots will be getting the Hollywood treatment sooner than we’d think.

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Teaming up with Boston journalist Dave Wedge and New York Times bestselling author Casey Sherman, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, the writers behind The Finest Hour and the Academy Award-winning film The Fighter, are working on both a book and feature film project that will particularly focus on Brady. The film is set to mostly chronicle the Super Bowl LI win, which earned Brady his fifth championship ring, but will also delve into the Deflategate controversy that threatened to derail the Pats’ big game chances.

The writing partners have gotten their fair share of locker room interviews, so expect this to offer a first-hand look into the iconic sports moment.

This won’t be the first time Sherman, Tamasy and Johnson will have collaborated, considering the screenwriting duo adapted Sherman’s book The Finest Hour and brought it to the big screen.

Considering all four writers involved in the project are originally from Boston, we’re sure this Brady flick will do every Pats fan proud.

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