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It’s called Sekret Machines: Gods, it comes out one month from today, and it’s non-fiction. That’s right: former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, the brilliant mind behind lyrics like “He’s a player / diarrhea giver / tried to grow his hair out / friends were listening to Slayer” has co-authored a tome about unidentified flying objects—apparently, with some of the more respected minds (read: kooks) in the UFO-believer community.

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The book itself is part of a larger, overarching alien-related multimedia project called To the Stars, the general notion of which kind of reminds me of that scene in Independence Day where all those people are on top of a skyscraper in downtown LA, trying to communicate with the aliens who are about to incinerate them.

Per Rolling Stone:

DeLonge co-wrote Sekret Machines with Peter Levenda, who has penned numerous books about history and the occult. The new book is based on interviews with scientists, engineers, intelligence officers and military officials. It aims to challenge the way people think about UFO sightings and related phenomena.

DeLonge then goes on, while talking about the book, to toot his own horn, saying:

“It’s very hard to think, ‘How did this guy in a band get access like that?'” DeLonge said. “It sounds crazy. But it’s because I can speak to a very specific audience. I earned their trust. I knew my material.”

“It sounds crazy.

I’d be laughing if this were Fox Mulder telling us “I want to believe,” but this is a little sad. We all know conspiracies are dumb.

(h/t Rolling Stone)