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While we don’t know too much about alligators, we do know enough about them to not get too close to them, or better yet, just stay away from them completely. This group of tourists clearly didn’t know the little bit of info we’ve gathered, but after this incident, we’re pretty sure they got the memo.

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Video footage shows the group getting a little too comfortable to a huge alligator while it soaked up some sun on a bank. Then the over-eager guide pushed the boat right up to the bank where the gator was laying, as he tossed out a few gator facts and tidbits to the group.

Next thing you know, the alligator launched its way onto the boat, as if he just wanted to go for a stroll on the river. Fortunately for the passengers, and the gator as well, he made it off the boat, after briefly getting stuck in the railing. Fortunately for us, it was all caught on Facebook Live.

We’re not sure about the group, but after witnessing this, we won’t be going on any boating adventures anytime soon.