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Former Heisman winning running back Rashaan Salaam was found dead earlier this month, and the circumstances around his death seemed to paint a sad picture about his final days. On Thursday, it looks like some of those details were confirmed.

A copy of Salaam’s coroner’s report was obtained by ESPN, and they report that the cause of Salaam’s death was a gunshot wound to the head. Police believe there was no foul play involved, and the death has since been investigated as a suicide.

Salaam’s body was found on Dec. 5 in a park near Folsom Field where Salaam used to play at Colorado. What is believed to be a suicide note was reportedly found after Salaam’s death.

According to ESPN, Salaam’s brain won’t be tested for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as the former running back was buried shortly after his death in ordinance with Muslim tradition. Despite that, Salaam’s brother believes that the Heisman winner was affected by CTE before his death.

Salaam won the 1994 Heisman Trophy with Colorado after rushing for 2,055 yards and 24 touchdowns while leading the Buffs to an 11-1 record. Salaam was the young winner of the award at the time, and he was later taken in the first round of the 1995 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears. Salaam would rush for over 1,000 yards in his rookie season, but he was out of the NFL just a few years later.