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Stop, hammer time.

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If a man with a blindfold and a hammer asks you to lay on the ground so he can crush fruit around you, just say no.

In a bizarre video uploaded to YouTube by Viral Tube, a man described as a “blindfolded martial arts master” doing a routine at a Sikh festival in India turned cheers into fears, as he dangerously smashed a willing participant in the forehead with a hammer blow.

In light of what happened, we’re going to guess the other volunteer is thanking his lucky stars that he and his manhood escaped intact.

YouTube/Viral Tube
YouTube/Viral Tube

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The “martial arts master” treated this man’s head like Gallagher treats his watermelons.

This unlucky human learned firsthand what it feels like to be a nail. We’re not sure if he is doing okay, but here’s hoping.

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