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Even if you live in the heart of some big city, you’ve probably crossed paths with a deer at least once in your life. And unless you’re on a hunting trip with a couple of buddies, there’s usually an unwritten rule when dealing with the woodland creatures: you let them go about their business and they’ll just be on their way.

But these two guy had something a little different in mind when an 11-point whitetail buck made its way out into an open field.

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You’d think after the dude filming said “he’s injured” right off the bat that they would have just left the wandering whitetail alone, but Mr. Hardhat decided that he was past due a feats of strength session and decided to have a little wrestling match with the buck while his videographer pal giggled on.

These two better buck up next time they step foot in this deer’s neck of the woods, because next time, he’s bringing back up.

(h/t Outdoor Hub)

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