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Things apparently got really out of hand last week in Myrtle Beach, S.C. last week when two naked women said to be “highly intoxicated” hopped into a pool for a late-night swim and one of them ended up kicking a cop in the groin.

According to The Smoking Gun, Kyla Cole, 32, and Katie Naumann, 23, “did not have bathing suits with them so they decided to swim in the nude.” The two women and two friends near by were said to look “highly intoxicated.”

When cops responded, Naumann and Cole were reportedly not cooperative. Naumann allegedly kicked a cop in the groin.

Here’s how Myrtle Beach Online summarized the encounter:

Naumann and another person with the group began to walk off while police were checking to see if any in the group had arrest warrants, and Naumann became “belligerent” and “unpredictable,” police said. Officers decided to arrest Naumann in connection with indecent exposure, the report states.

Naumann allowed her towel to fall to the ground as an officer placed her in handcuffs, police said.

The officer wrapped the towel back around Naumann who then executed a “mule kick” — delivering a rear-thrust kick with the heel of her foot, striking the officer in the groin, according to the report.


The two women were arrested and charged for indecent exposure, but the kick the groin got Naumann an additional charge of  assaulting a police officer.

The two were released last Tuesday after posting bond.

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