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Update: one of the women has been arrested.

This man was not safe for twerk.

Two women are actually wanted for third-degree sexual abuse by Washington, D.C. police after they were caught on a gas station convenience store’s surveillance camera groping and harassing a male customer. One of them even twerked.




The man was on the phone the whole time and was clearly unamused by the advances made towards him on Oct. 7 at 4 p.m.

Currently, police are working to identify the women.

This is the best shot the camera provided.

Arrest 2


That the women appear to be reaching for the man’s money makes certain assumptions about their line of work come to mind.

The man make any indication that he knew the women.
Fox 5 spoke with the victim by phone and he claimed that the women came over to him as soon as he entered the store to pay for gas. He said he asked them to stop and asked the gas station clerk for some assistance.

Now the women face sexual abuse charges.

(H/t NYDN)

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