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Along with details of the search and a photo of the missing Kimberly family on their sailboat, the U.S. Coast Guard has announced the discovery of a second body.

The Coast Guard also shared a photo of the family on the boat.

Authorities, who discovered the first body Wednesday afternoon but haven’t released the identity of the victim out of respect for the family, continue their search for two more members of the Kimberly family.

The missing have been identified as Ace Kimberly, 45, and his children Roger, 13, Donny, 15, and Rebecca, 17. The four had been living on a 29-foot sailboat in Sarasota, Fla. for the last year.

They disappeared Sunday, Father’s Day.

It’s been reported that the father called his brother to say the he and the kids were trying to survive six-foot waves and a bad thunderstorm.

Despite the Coast Guard’s decision not to identify the first body, an aunt came forward and said it was 17-year-old Rebecca Kimberly.

Sadie Dilts told Today that the family “hadn’t heard from them since Sunday, so then I kind of figured that it wasn’t good. Feels like I’ve lost one of my own kids.”

The Coast Guard said it has combed 20,000 miles of water over its 60-plus hours of searching for the Kimberly family.

The search for two more members of the Kimberly family is ongoing.

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