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If you own a $400,000 car, it can be expected that you can foot the bill in paying a competent valet to take care of this beauty. I mean, where are you going to where you need your Lamborghini valet parked anyway? Somewhere special, where the valet has been trained in handling such vehicles, one would hope.

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That doesn’t appear to be the case here though, as the driver attempts to back into a parking space. After backing too far into the spot, the driver must have lost his cool, and forgot he was behind 720 HP. His attempt to correct his error lead to an even worse fate: crashing into an SUV.

So who’s at fault here? The driver, who was behind the wheel? The owner of the SUV, who could have waited a bit (the driver was clearly struggling)? Or the owner of the Lambo, for not parking his/her own car?