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Warning: this video is graphic.

Two of the three people charged in a brutal attack on a South Carolina beach still have their cases pending, and one of the women has made a plea in the case.

Megan Williams, 20, has pled guilty to charge of disorderly conduct, according to Richland County (SC) Court records. Two other women charged — Arlinda Craft and Anns-Leigh Mikayla Hill — each face charges of  second degree assault and battery by mob. Their cases are still pending.

Arlinda Craft (left), Anns-Leigh Hill (right), Megan Williams (center) via WIS-TV screen shot

The video is really hard to watch.

According to WTKR, the 20-year-old victim, who hasn’t been identified, “was hanging out taking in the sun with a co-worker when the three women attacked her, throwing her by the hair onto the ground.”

A police incident report says the woman previously had issues with the victim,who was attacked and left on the ground bleeding. The victim was kicked and punched in the face and head repeatedly.

She sustained a broken nose and concussion as a result.

Craft and Hill are each free of $25,000 bond.  Williams, as per Richland County Court records, paid a fine.