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With more and more breweries sprouting up around the country, and the craft beer frenzy in full force, there are plenty of people looking to capitalize on this booming industry. This is all fine and dandy as long as it’s legit.

According to USA Today, Walmart is allegedly being sued for selling craft beer that isn’t craft beer at all. The beer is labeled as Trouble Brewing, but the only trouble brewing is for the retail giant. It seems the beer is actually brewed by the same company that’s guilty of Genesee beer, WX Brands/Genesee Brewing.

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The beer is carried at over 3,000 Walmart locations and in 45 states and it shares shelf space with the other craft beers. According to the USA Today article, in order for a beer to be classified as craft beer, it must be less than 25 percent owned by a non-craft brewer and making fewer than six million barrels of beer per year. An attorney believes the brewery makes six million barrels of beer just for Walmart’s Trouble Brewing brand.

It’s reported that the lawsuit, filed in Ohio, is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for anyone in the state who’s purchased a Trouble Brewing beer.