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You just can’t be nice to some people. And this viral YouTube video posted by PadWings proves it.

After getting cut off by a guy in a white car, this scooter-rider finds the drivers wallet on the ground and decides to do the ‘right thing’ and return it.

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That’s right folks, even after the car pulled right out in front of him, he risks his own safety by speeding up after the dude so he can return the wallet.

But when the scooter guy pulls up next to the car, the driver flips him off. It isn’t clear in the video, but that just might have been the straw that broke the iPhones back.

After he waves the wallet in the air, the driver pulls over and as he tries to back-peddle on being a jackass, the ‘nice guy’ tosses dude’s wallet into the car, then grabs the guy’s cellphone he apparently left on the roof and throws it on the ground.

Sweet move PadWings, sweet move indeed.