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Fishing is something that dates back to an estimated 40,000 years ago, and we’d be willing to bet that even back then, people exaggerated their hauls.

Luckily for master angler Aaron Wiebe, there was no need to beef up the size of this catch, as it was all caught on video.

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Wiebe was fishing in the famed Northern Region of Manitoba, known for its monster-sized trout, when he reeled in one of the largest trout we’ve ever seen. His catch measured in at a length of 42 inches, which, while certainly being a big catch, it wasn’t even close to beating the record.

This area is well known for its massive trout, with the largest lake-caught fish in Manitoba, coming in at an astounding 54 inches.

After seeing Wiebe’s catch and hearing about the record 54-incher, we have the sudden inkling for some good old trout fishing.