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In February 2015, the Internet was blessed with a video that shows us what happens when you mess with the wrong neighbor.

Though the man behind the camera never gives his name, we quickly learn that he has knocked some of his snow into a neighbor’s yard while trying to clear a path.

The neighbor, who we quickly learned is named Gary, is piping-hot mad over this development and lets his neighbor know with an expletive laden tirade that would make any drunken sailor proud.

“Now clear it out!” Gary yells at his neighbor.

“F**k you I’m not clearing shit!” the neighbor responds.

“You f**king assh**e!” Gary hits back.

The rest of the video is more of the same back and forth, with Gary becoming near homicidal at each of his neighbor’s sarcastic retorts.

By the video’s end, Gary has given up and retreats back into his house.

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