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We couldn’t think of a better way to wake up than to a nice cup of coffee and a fresh batch of donuts. Needless to say, after seeing this, we really want some donuts.

This clip from an episode of Food Skills highlights a New York City donut shop called The Doughnut Project. They take you through the donut-making process and showcase some of the recipes that they’re best known for.

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They have donuts called caramel apple fritters, which are apple-flavored donuts infused with caramel sauce. Then there’s Those Beetz Are Dope, which is a beet-glazed donut filled with ricotta whipped cheese, and also The Everything Doughnut, which is a donut with sweet cream cheese glaze topped with sesame seeds, poppy, pepita, garlic and sea salt.

If this video has you drooling and craving some donuts, satisfy your urge. And, if you’re in NYC anytime soon, go check this place out…it looks amazing.