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Ryan Lawrence, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison in a case so horrendous his own defense attorney noted  it was hard to represent him.

Lawrence, 25,  pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for killing is 21-month-old daughter about a year ago, in February, 2016. He pleaded guilty in September, and the formal sentencing recently happened.

The little girl, Maddox, suffered from eye cancer and survived. Her father said he hit his daughter because of all the attention she was getting due to her illness.

Lawrence’s sentence was part of a plea in Onondaga County Court in Syracuse, New York He admitted to beating Maddox to death with a baseball bat, burning her body for several hours in a fire pit, then dumping her remains in a nearby creek, reported.

The judge in the case, Anthony Aloi, had harsh words for Lawrence and admiration for his defense attorney, Michael Vavonese,

“Mr. Lawrence, based on the facts and circumstances of this case, it is my opinion that you deserve to spend the rest of your life in prison for what you have done,” Aloi, 70, said at the sentencing, in remarks reported on “While I may not be around in 25 years from now, if I am, I will be asked for my opinion, and I will give it. However, if I’m not, my words are in this record, and my expressed opinions regarding your punishment, will live on.”

He also praised Vavonese’s professionalism. “You have fought as professionally as any lawyer that I have had come before me.”

This was the scene during the original plea.

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