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They’re called the Green Angels. Based in Manhattan, they deliver marijuana—in the form of bud, edibles, vape pens, tinctures; you name it, they’ve got it—around New York City. And they’re models.

So basically, you text a number (“Can we hang out?”) and within an hour and a half, a model shows up at your apartment door with a container full of all different types of pot-related items and paraphernalia. Now, doesn’t that sound like a little slice of heaven?

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GQ has an in-depth look at the weed-delivery service, which is run by a late-20s woman who goes by the name “Honey” and makes about 27 grand a week. Cash.

The service uses models (both guys and girls, but mostly girls) to deliver the goods and has a celebrity clientele. (Rihanna gets her bud for free from the Green Angels; Biebs gets charged.) They brand their items and do about 150 orders a day, or “about a fourth of what the busiest services handle.” And even their runners make a pretty damn good salary—a few hundred dollars each on a good day.

To my knowledge, they’re just like any other weed-delivery service in New York, with the exception of their comely delivery people. Which is, of course, still awesome.

(h/t GQ)