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Leave it to the Aussies to invent something this wholly and utterly insane. Well, it seems Australian lads are always willing to put life and limb on the line to come up with some ridiculous new sport or otherwise dangerous physical activity. But this—this is a truly special occasion: it’s for Australia Day. (You know, kinda like the Fourth of July for the US.)

Australia Day’s an occasion for letting loose, celebrating with friends and loved ones, and maybe getting dizzy until you chunder (that’s Aussie speak for losing your lunch) due to a combo of beer and this carousel-water ski Slip’n Slide. Oh, and speaking of beer, we’re not talking Foster’s, here; that’d be like thinking all Americans drink Natty Light.

Anyway, enjoy this footage of the world’s craziest never-ending Slip’n Slide, and maybe get some ideas together for this coming summer.

Round and round we go... I'm getting dizzy just looking at this.
Round and round we go… I’m getting dizzy just looking at this.

(h/t Gizmodo)