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What’s the best way to take anything cool and make it absolutely badass.? Put it in, slow motion of course. Dan and Gav (a.k.a. The Slow Mo Guys) managed to take a one-and-a-half inch thick rod of rugged, grade 60 rebar and make it even more beastly than it was.

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The machine they’re using can withstand up to 220,000-pounds of pulling apart force, and from the sound of things, these dudes were gonna test i  to see how much force it took to snap the giant rod of steel. Needless to say, this was one sturdy piece of steel, being able to take the a force of 157,401-pounds before finally giving way with a clean break.

The end result showed one of the coolest things that the untrained eye wouldn’t have seen. It’s crazy, how Science becomes pretty cool as we get older.