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When faced with the choice of fight or flight, this teenager chose fight.

According to the Culpepper Star Exponent, Jacob Breeden of Culpeper County, Virginia, recently shot what might be the biggest feral hog in Virginia history. It all started after Breeden heard a commotion outside of his house, which prompted him to grab his rifle and head out to see what it could be. So, imagine his surprise when he was met by a 6’10”, 545-pound feral pig charging right at him.

“I went outside, and it charged me, it was flapping its jaws together and running toward me,” Breeden said. “I was kind of shocked to see how big it was. When he came up to me the way he did, I had no choice but to shoot him.”

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

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Mike Dye, district wildlife biologist with the Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries, told the Culpepper Star Exponent that the creature was so big, it could not even be definitively identified as a feral hog at all.

“The average feral hog in Virginia is typically much smaller with an average weight of around 200 pounds for adult males and slightly smaller for females,” Dye said.

When asked if he planned to eat his kill, Breeden said he did not, because he was advised not to eat the male meat, due to it being loaded with testosterone. He did have this to add:

“If it was a sow, I could have enough sausage for the next few years!”

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