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Adele accidentally gave a fan more than she bargained for when she let out a burp onstage at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday.

It happened when a fan was invited onstage by the “Hello” singer.

“Do you want me to do it?” Adele asked, reaching for the fan’s phone and snapping the photo.

“Oh my God! I just burped!” she exclaimed after taking the selfie. With a laugh, she hugged her fan, “I’ll see you later, Maria.”

Once the fan was safely off-stage, Adele explained herself to the audience.

“I had a dirty burger before I came on, that’s why.”

Fans took to Twitter following the incident and joked about the singer.

“When you travel all the way from Brazil for #adele to burp in your face #Glasto2016,” one fan wrote.

“How do I become mates with @Adele? We’d have a laugh and I’ll let her burp in my face. #AdeleAtGlastonbury,” another wrote.

(h/t US Weekly)

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