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Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday took aim at likely Republican nominee Donald Trump, saying his proposals to ban Muslims from entering into the United States are “dangerous.”

Calling into question his qualification to become president, Clinton said that the American people “don’t need conspiracy theories and pathological self-congratulations.” Pointing specifically to Trump’s repeated call for Clinton and President Obama to use the term “radical extremism,” Clinton said, “Trump, as usual, is obsessed with name calling.”

“It matters what we do, not just what we say,” Clinton said, specifically adding “in the end, it didn’t matter what we called bin Laden, it mattered that we got bin Laden.”

Calling Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering into the United States “nonsensical,” Clinton said that Muslim bans “would not have saved a single life in Orlando,” particularly because the shooter, Omar Mateen, was born in New York, just like Trump.

Shortly after Clinton’s remarks, Trump tweeted, taking aim at Clinton.

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