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Ronda Rousey’s a great fighter, but she’s also a hot chick.

And when she retires from the fight game, she’s likely to have more opportunities than any female athlete on the planet. One of them couldn’t be more in line with her…umm…skill set. According to Global News Wire, Lingerie Fighting Champioship (LFC), an  outfit that employs the hot babes in lingerie equal huge profits business model, yesterday announced its plans to court Rousey “in the event she retires from the UFC.”

“Ronda Rousey has long been at the very top of our wish list,” said Shaun Donnelly, LFC’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Not only is she one of the top fighters of all time, she is also a very beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to show off her sexy side.”

The league says it’s staying away from Rousey at the moment because they never approach a fighter under contract, but the latest rumblings say she could retire after her next bout (whenever that is).  Donnelly says Rousey with the LFC is still a pipe dream at this point, however.

“It’s still a long shot at this point,” Donnelly admits.

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Equal parts professional wrestling, burlesque, and MMA, LFC was inspired by the popularity of the LFL (Lingerie Football League), and it’s an idea that’s definitely got the potential to meet with similar success. Check out this LFC clip from a recent bout.