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Funerals began to take place on Thursday for some of the victims of the Orlando shooting that happened at Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning.

However, members of the Westboro Baptist Church protested at the funerals.

People have stepped in to stop the protesters in the past.

When the Sandy Hook funerals and the Oklahoma tornado funerals happened, bikers joined together to block the Westboro Baptist Church protesters from disrupting the ceremonies.

On Thursday, people did the same in Orlando.

According to Twitter user soorya’s tweet and a screenshot from the “Human chain link for Pulse Funerals” Facebook page, families were able to mourn the losses of their loved ones without the Westboro Baptist Church intruding.

On Thursday, the Westboro Baptist Church tweeted out other hateful photos.

Folks in Orlando clearly responded to the protesters in the best way possible and showed the Westboro Baptist Church that they weren’t going to be allowed to get in the way.

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