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I can understand a woman scorned, but this? Wow.

A woman caught up with her husband’s mistress and brutally beat her in public — while several did nothing to stop the beating, according to the Daily Mail. Not only did she beat her, but she kicked her nine times.

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The incident happened in the Philippines. Here’s the YouTube description:

This is the shocking moment a furious wife confronts her husband’s mistress – and kick boxes her in the head NINE times. The woman launched the vicious attack on the timid girl at her home after discovering her partner had been having an affair with her in Bangkok, Thailand. She calmly doles out a series of powerful Muay Thai style kicks to her head, savage slaps and hair pulling in the two-minute long attack. Friends eventually calm her down and she backs off leaving the shaken girl to recover on the sofa from the assault during the house party.

The Daily Mail reported that police are not investigating, and that someone took the video — and released it — because they were appalled at what happened.

The combination of people standing around while the beating occurred is appalling.