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Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is serving his one-year suspension from the UFC after failing two separate drug tests, both before and after UFC 200. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering if he’ll ever return to the Octagon. In the eyes of at least one UFC Hall of Famer, the odds are pretty good.

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According to Metro, former mixed martial artist Don Frye had this to say in an interview with Submission Radio:

“Well, you know, money makes the world go around,” said Frye. “And I think people are beginning to realize that maybe this sport isn’t as clean as what everybody thought it was.””You know if Brock can come back and make money, good for him.”

Since his suspension went into effect, the 39-year-old Lesnar has made his way back to a familiar place. He’s returned to the WWE, where he’s a four-time champion, and currently embroiled in a feud with Bill Goldberg, who he will get a chance to face in Sunday’s Royal Rumble match.

Hopefully, The Beast makes it back to the Octagon. While we like having him back in wrestling, we’d much rather see him throwing some hammer-fists to the face of his next opponent.