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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seemingly was taking a greater interest in the Clinton campaign as the main vessel to tackle presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.

“I will be meeting with Secretary Clinton on Tuesday evening, I believe,” Sanders said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” adding “and we will be chatting about her campaign.”

Sanders said the discussion will be centered on learning more about Clinton’s platform points and “whether she will be vigorous in standing up for working families and the middle class, moving aggressively in climate change, healthcare for all, making public colleges and universities tuition-free.”

“After we have that kind of discussion and after we can determine whether or not we are going to have a strong and progressive platform, I will be able to make other decisions,” Sanders said, with no indication on what this means for his campaign.

Sanders has previously repeated that he will be in the Democratic race for the presidency until the Democratic National Convention (DNC) at the end of July.

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