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Ok, before you start launching into mass hysteria about the sexual integrity of your wine bottles, the 750 ml glass containers that contain the fermented grape juice that you so enjoy are not getting it on. We know it’s been a while since you took a biology class, but come on now.

Apparently the wine condom is an actual thing that people are buying though, thought up by some dude who was sick of leftover wine spilling all over the place.

We don't know how to say this but… This wine condom is everything. #wickedwinerun #winecondom #vinoprotection

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Here’s how it all works, according to Esquire.

Mimicking the purpose of an actual condom, the Wine Condom goes over the rim of the bottle and is rolled down the stem to prevent any unwanted spillage. It even comes in a gold foil package that looks remarkably similar to an actual condom wrapper.

Creator Mitchell Strahan came up with Wine Condom when his mom came home from a friend’s house and had aluminum foil wrapped around the stem of her almost-empty wine bottle in an effort to preserve what was left. Aluminum foil, however, tends not to be all that effective, leading Strahan to invent the Wine Condom

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Have we completely ruled out getting this as a stocking stuffer for a friend or relative? No. Are we shaking our heads over the fact that this is something that actually exists? 100% Yes.

What will they think of next?

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