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Hey, what did that Twinkie ever do to you?

In this video from YouTuber Natezoinks, a self-professed “automotive, racing, guns, and family” man, he and his buddy decided to waste a perfectly good Twinkie to see if it would be enough to silence a 22LR.

It does seem to get the job done, and as Outdoor Hub points out, it’s a lot cheaper and more convenient that buying an actual suppressor, which requires a long wait, loads of paperwork and a $200 fee. But we’re just gonna go ahead and guess that they don’t plan on walking around with a Twinkie on the barrels of their rifles anytime soon.

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This isn’t the first time that Nate has tried using random objects as suppressors, as he also tried out a pineapple and a snowball. We think a Twinkie is still his best bet in that department.

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