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Police say Josseleen Elida Lopez, 20, went on a drug-fueled bender and then binged at a Citrus County, Fla., Walmart, treating the shelves as if they were a free buffet.

And now, after she’s been convicted, the trouble keeps coming.

Lopez ate sushi, cinnamon rolls and most of a rotisserie chicken, drinking wine while driving a motorized shopping cart at one of America’s well-known hypermarkets, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. She was arrested for shoplifting and other charges, according to WFLA.

Some are calling it strange. Others are just calling it another day at Walmart.

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Lopez was accused of consuming $32.36 worth of food and wine while at the store, including cinnamon rolls, mini muffins, two bottles of S. Home wine and a rotisserie chicken with sauce.

When the deputies arrested her, they found two empty syringes, one in her purse and one in her backpack. She supposedly told detectives she had used the syringes to shoot up meth earlier.

The might explain that.

Lopez was sentenced to a month and day in jail after her arrest and conviction on a first-degree misdemeanor charge of possession and/or use of drug paraphernalia, according to  Citrus County court records. But at one point  she owed the country almost $2,000 in court fees, and  recently was busted on a traffic violation.