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WWE star Randy Orton goes by the nickname “The Viper,” and the 12-time World Champion shot some serious venom at UFC fighter Conor McGregor during a Twitter Q&A Tuesday.

Orton’s shot came when a fan asked a question about how he’d fare against McGregor in the wrestling ring though Orton said that McGregor would be better off in the WWE’s cruiserweight division, which has a weight limit of 205 pounds.

This isn’t the first time Orton, who weighs 250 pounds, has come after McGregor, a 145 pounder. Back in September, Orton dissed McGregor in response to a fan’s question about whether Orton would ever attempt a UFC career.

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Orton’s beef with isn’t McGregor exactly personal, considering the Irish featherweight swung big at the entire WWE roster during a conference call in August ahead of his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202, which McGregor won via majority decision.

“For the most part, those WWE guys are pussies, to be honest. They’re messed up pussies, if you ask me,” said McGregor, before firing off this tweet a couple days later.

WWE stars came out of the woodwork to hit back at McGregor, though many have pointed out that the whole thing may have been manufactured as a way to pave the way for McGregor’s WWE run.

Despite McGregor’s penchant for making inflammatory remarks, he has yet to respond to Meryl Streep’s swipe at mixed martial arts at last Sunday’s Golden Globes, though McGregor’s coach John Kavanaugh called out the actress in a Facebook post Tuesday morning.

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