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The human body is the most complex of all the creatures who roam the loam of mother Earth.

And what grows on it can cause projectile vomit.

Take a look, if you can, at the removal of this cyst.

And, consider the unvarnished commentary offered by a nurse or doctor’s assistant, who talked of the goo and putrid smell.

“We are wearing splash screens. If this stuff gets in your hair or on your skin it can ruin your day. Especially when it gets in your hair, [because] it stays with you until the next time you take a shower. Luckily none of us get dirty, but this was my last patient before lunch and I had to go home and lie down for an hour or so to recover from this. Has to be done, but no. fun.”

Lunch … yeah, not hungry anymore. Actually, not hungry ever again.

The patient, on the other hand, was “lovely and I thank him for letting me treat him and film it for all of you to see.”

Yeah, thanks, Dr. Pimple Popper.