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On Saturday, Céline Dion led hundreds of mourners into the halls of Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica to mourn her husband, René Angélil.

21 years earlier, Dion and Angélil walked down the aisle at the basilica on their wedding day, one of many pieces of symbolism that would come to the surface on the day of Angélil’s funeral.

Leading the funeral procession on Saturday were Dion’s niece and nephew, Jimmy and Audrey, who at eight years old served as flower girl and ring bearer at Dion and Angélil’s wedding.

Jimmy, who is now confined to a wheelchair following an accident, held the same pillow that he carried on the day of his beloved aunt’s wedding in 1995.

Audrey pushed her cousin up the aisle in a symbolic gesture as the two helped ease their grieving aunt’s pain.

According to Dion’s stylist and friend Annie Horth, moments like this were planned out well in advance by Angélil, who ensured that his wife had as little to do as possible when he passed away.

“René was generous enough to prepare all of this since the last few months with Céline,” Annie Horth told PEOPLE.

“He didn’t know when it would happen, but he really wanted everything to be already prepared.”

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