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Off the coast of Indian Rocks Beach Florida, a group of buddies on a recent fishing trip had one of the most memorable moments a bunch of guys could ever have.

According to Fox10 in Phoenix, the group had a mako shark bite the end of their line and the group couldn’t have been more ecstatic.

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But none of them expected what they got next. The shark made several acrobatic leaps from the water, soaring through the air, then back into the water. It was truly a marvelous sight.

Taylor Danowski, the one who posted the video to Facebook, revealed why they reacted they way they did.

“It was honestly ridiculous to see a shark that big get that high in the air that’s why we were screaming like that,” said Danowski. “We were just really stoked all of us have been wanting to catch a Mako for a while; they’re rare.”

What a thrill it would be to hook one of these beauties, but for now, we can only live vicariously through these dudes.