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Alright, listen up, nerds. You know that fantasy you’ve got in your mind, that your parents and grandparents just magically stop doing the nasty as soon as you’ve come of age and realized just what, exactly, the nasty is? Yeah, that’s bull.

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Fact is, according to a survey from the (elderly) dating site OurTime, the “Olds” are still getting it in at a pretty damn respectable rate. Hell, they’re even sexting.

Per Mashable:

Like most people, singles over 50 found the top challenges of dating were finding someone, asking them out and also getting to know them before you do. The upside to dating when older, however, is that 55 percent of people said they knew what they wanted in a relationship, and 61 percent they were better partners now than when they were younger.

Those surveyed definitely weren’t all tied to the traditional ideas of courtship. Many were fine with having “friends with benefits” (45 percent said they are open to it) and one-night stands (27 percent would), and nearly a third said they’d dated more than one person at a time.

Though they may not be quite as skilled at some of the more modern dating moves. Just 21 percent of them said they Netflixed and chilled and only 17 percent had ghosted someone.

Almost 20 percent of survey respondents said they’d taken a naked pic of themselves, and of those people a whopping 66 percent said they’d shared the photo.

Yeah, that’s right. Your folks? Your folks’ folks? They’re gettin’ it in. They’re sending nudes. They’re sexting up a storm. And they’re indulging in one-night stands, among god knows what other proclivities. Get used to it. And you might as well appreciate it—one day, you, too, will be an old guy just tryna get some action.

(h/t Mashable)